Terms and Conditions of Use and Return for ZappAds

General Provisions

  1. The terms and conditions of use of the Website, including the registration rules, the posting of Advertisements, and the purchase of Paid Services, as well as aspects related to payments and the procedure for filing complaints, are provided in the Regulations. Any user of the Service is required to be aware of the rules and content of these Regulations.
  2. Visitors may only use limited functions of the Service, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation, while respecting the principles of integrity and the law.
  3. Subject to the right granted to ZappAds, no provision of this Regulation constitutes an agreement to use the rights of ZappAds or the rights of third parties provided for in the Regulation and shall not be construed as a waiver of these rights.

The following actions are possible within the Website:

  1. Navigation services in the content of the Website, Account services, and the posting of Advertisements are provided free of charge. Other types of services are provided for a fee.
  2. Posting of Advertisements within the free limits
  3. Posting of Paid Advertisements outside the Limits;
  4. Use of the Account and its associated functions, including functions from ZappAdsWallet;
  5. Navigation of website content
  6. The provisions of the Regulation will be implemented in accordance with the Advertisements placed
  7. Use of the Paid Service (including Promotional Services).
  8. Delivery and payment services are provided by external service providers, for the benefit of Users and based on legal relationships to which ZappAds is not a party.

For full use of the Website, you must have a device connected to the Internet that meets the following requirements:

  1. Active internet connection facilitating two-way communication via the HTTPS protocol;
  2. Presence of an updated, installed, and properly configured web browser that supports HTML5 standard and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) technology (Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer). Web browsers must run with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels;
  3. ZappAds makes efforts to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Website. For high-quality services and proper functioning of the Service, the ZappAds Group has the right to establish pauses in the operation within the Service. These technical interruptions will be performed during the night hours (22-6), and certain functions of the Service and services provided by the ZappAds Group may be limited or unavailable.
  4. Users communicating with other Users through the chat within the Service acknowledge that these conversations are not private, and their content may be read by ZappAds. By accepting this Regulation, the User confirms that ZappAds has the right to access and analyze the User's communication made through the chat function of the Website, for the purpose of ensuring optimal safety and security of Users, preventing fraud, and improving the functionality of the Website.
  5. For more information on how ZappAds accesses and analyzes the content of conversations within the chat, please study the Privacy Policy.


For full functionality of the Service, a Visitor must register an Account and use the Service as an authenticated User. The Account provides the User with the ability to use the following functions of the Website:

  1. Posting and managing published Advertisements;
  2. Tracking the Advertisements of other Users;
  3. Managing payments and invoices related to services provided on the Website by ZappAds;
  4. Ordering Promotional Services;
  5. Sending and receiving messages to and from other Users;
  6. The User can be represented by a natural person with full legal capacity, a legal entity, or an entity without legal personality, to which the law grants legal capacity. The User can have only one Account associated with email addresses, with the mention that a phone number will be used for SMS verification.

The User may have only one account within the Service. This rule does not apply when:

  1. The User has different accounts used for personal purposes and related to their commercial activity;
  2. The User uses different Accounts within the activities carried out, provided there are no payment delays for the services offered by ZappAds, and the Advertisements posted in each Account are not repeated for the same locations;
  3. It is necessary to create another Account if you cannot access the old Account (if you forgot the password); on the other hand, any of the above hypotheses will be thoroughly checked by ZappAds, which has the authority to suspend the Account during verification or to delete the Account in the absence of confirmation of the circumstances justifying the application of one of the above exceptions. The exceptions provided by this section will not apply if invoked to avoid payment of debts for services provided on the Website.

Registration of the Account requires:

  1. Completing the form available on the Website and providing the data provided through it, including email address or authentication code through an external service provider, such as Facebook Google.
  2. The User will ensure that the data provided during registration and use of the Service are correct and up-to-date and that they have the right to use this data. The User is obliged to update the data whenever changes occur. ZappAds has the right to block an Account if the data provided do not meet the above requirements, in accordance with the Regulation procedure.
  3. Consultation of the Regulation and its annexes and acceptance of their provisions.
  4. A person acting within the Website on behalf of and on behalf of a User who is a legal entity or an entity without legal personality will ensure that it is properly authorized to act and carry out all activities on behalf of a User within the Website.
  5. The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the Account access data and to protect them against unauthorized access by third parties. ZappAds will be immediately informed in case of any unauthorized access to the account by any third party, and thus you will need to change the data as soon as possible.
  6. The service contract is concluded for an indefinite period from the activation of the Account.

The Account service contract may be terminated by the User, considering the following rules:

1. The right to delete the Account does not affect the User's right to terminate the contract, under the law and the Regulation.
2. Account deletion is done by: (i) sending notifications about its deletion to the email address: contact@ZappAds.ro (ii) selecting the corresponding option from the Account panel, or (iii) sending a notification about its deletion to the Provider.
3. If the User has accumulated funds in ZappAdsWallet, Account deletion is only possible after prior withdrawal of the funds or after contacting ZappAds: contact@ZappAds.ro, an aspect about which the User will be informed when trying to delete the Account, at the same time with the contract termination;
4. After deleting the Account or terminating the Account contract, the User loses access to the information generated during the use of the Service.
5. Termination of the account service contract will take effect from the date of its completion (for the future), meaning payments made by the User are non-refundable. Also, ZappAds is not obliged to refund the equivalent of unused amounts in Paid Services;
6. At the time of Account deletion by the User, the other contracts between ZappAds and the User, regarding the services provided on the Website, lose their validity;

ZappAds has the right to terminate the contract with the User, if the latter:

1. If the User does not access the Account for more than 24 months, the Supplier reserves the right to delete the respective Account, including all personal data stored in the Account, which means that the User can no longer access and use it. Information regarding the termination of the contract will be provided to the User 30 days in advance, at the email address provided during Registration.
2. The User can express agreement regarding the continuation of using the Account through the provided function, which requires the User to log into the Account. ZappAds' right to terminate the contract in accordance with this provision does not limit the User's right to register again within the Service. However, ZappAds does not guarantee that the username associated with the Account will be available for use during registration;
3. Consequently, after the notifications sent by ZappAds regarding the cessation of actions or omissions that violate the provisions of the Regulations or the provisions of the generally applicable legislation, the User continues to act non-compliant.
12. In order to ensure optimal functioning of the Service, to protect and ensure the security of the persons using it, ZappAds reserves the right to carry out additional checks related to the validity and correctness of the data provided by the User and to request the User to confirm their identity, the information contained in the Announcement or the information related to the Transaction carried out, in the manner chosen by ZappAds. If the verification of the User's data or identity is not successful, ZappAds may suspend or block the operation of the Account in accordance with the rules established in the Regulations.
13. Consumer Withdrawal. Within 14 days of concluding the contract with ZappAds, a consumer can withdraw from the contract, for a specific Service, without providing a specific reason, by sending a notification to the email address: contact@zappads.ro or in writing, to the Supplier's postal address. At the moment of withdrawing from the contract regarding the Account services, the other contracts concluded between ZappAds and the User lose their validity. A withdrawal form model, which can be used by the User, is not mandatory, and the User can submit a clear declaration of any other type. 14. The contract regarding the Account services can be terminated by a Professional User in accordance with the rules provided, in case of non-acceptance of the changes made to the Regulations, about which the User will be informed. In this case, in order to terminate the contract regarding the Account services, the professional User will notify ZappAds immediately, but no later than 15 days from the date on which the professional User received the changes.
15. The termination of the contract takes effect 15 days from the moment the User receives the information about the changes. If the User waives this notification, they will present a declaration for this purpose that they perform express activities on the Website, confirming the acceptance of these modified conditions.

Advertisement Promotion Services

1. ZappAds Group is not responsible for the effectiveness of Promotion Services, which are understood to represent a real increase in interest in an Advertisement or the Product offered through it.
2. Promotion Services and the Packages related to them are provided for a single Advertisement, meaning that it is not possible to use a package of Promotion Services for different Advertisements.
3. Promotion Services are available in service packages, so Activating Promotion Service Packages is possible when you start using the Promotion Services from the Package. The rules regarding the Promotion Services that are part of the Package will not be changed.
4. The User can use any type of Promotion Services at the time of posting the Advertisement or during its display.
5. In order to increase the visibility of Advertisements, Users can opt for paid Promotion Services, in the form of Listing Promotion, Front Page Promotion, and Paid Refresh.

Payments and Returns

1. In the case of payments made at the end of the month, in the Job Category, the provision of the Paid Service will be possible at the time of posting the respective Advertisement or at the User's choice of the Paid Service.
2. Payments within the Service are made in advance, respectively in the total amount necessary for a certain Paid Service, before its provision begins, through the payment forms offered by ZappAds. In the Job Category, payment can also be made later, respectively cumulatively at the end of each month, regarding all Paid Services provided to the User within the Website, in a certain month (end of month payment).
3. When payment is made in advance, the provision of the Paid Service will not start earlier than the moment when the payment for this Paid Service has been fully credited to the ZappAds account. In the case of payments made by Bank Transfer, ZappAds will deliver the service within a 24-72 hour period from the moment the payment is confirmed by the payment service provider.
4. The use of any of the payment methods (except for payments from ZappAds Wallet) will require the establishment of a different legal relationship with the respective payment service provider and the acceptance of its Regulations, as well as its Privacy Policies. ZappAds is not a party to such a relationship and cannot intervene in its content or implementation.
5. If there are payment-related issues, the User must contact the relevant payment operator to clarify any uncertainties or lodge a complaint. In exceptional situations and within the limits of technical and organizational possibilities, ZappAds will provide support to the User in clarifying the issue. ZappAds does not assume responsibility for payment services provided by an external service provider.
6. The User will be informed on the Website about the price of the selected Paid Services. All prices indicated on the Website are gross prices (including value-added tax, VAT) expressed in Euro (EUR).
7. The provision of services to the User by ZappAds is documented through the invoices issued by the Supplier, in accordance with the present regulation.
8. The User is obligated to update the data registered in the Account necessary for the issuance of the invoice by the Service Provider, immediately after any such changes occur.
9. The User, at their discretion, can make the payment using one of the payment methods available in accordance with the information provided during the selection process of the respective Service and with the help of the payment instructions in the ZappAds Wallet section and the Help section.
10. Subject to the conditions provided by this Regulation, ZappAds makes available to the User the invoices, in electronic format, guaranteeing the authenticity of the origin, the integrity of the content, and their legality, especially by saving them in pdf format and by making them available to the User, in their Account, offering the User the possibility to view and download them. The User who receives invoices in electronic format is obliged to download and save them. They can also view and download the invoices issued from their Account, logging into the Website with the help of a computer.
11. In the event of early termination of the Advertisement display, due to the deletion of the Advertisement by the User or if the Product has been sold or the User has changed the subject of the Advertisement to indicate that it refers to a different Product than the original one, the cost required for publishing the Advertisement and for the Paid Services for the unused period will not be refunded.
12. The default form of issuing invoices, available to Users, is in electronic format. Acceptance of the Regulation is also represented by the acceptance of the transmission (provision) of invoices in electronic format, in accordance with applicable legal provisions and in the sense of the Regulation.
13. Advertisements that are illegal or do not comply with the provisions of the Regulation, especially those: added in the wrong category, repeated many times (of spam nature), considered offensive, containing pornographic or erotic content, content that promotes erotic activities for a fee, constitute an attempt at fraud, violate any type of copyright, will be deleted, and the commission charged previously for the Advertisement object and for the Paid Services related to that Advertisement will be refunded to the User's account, in the form of points used for using the services within the Service within 90 Days from the moment of deleting the respective Advertisement.
14. A User who wishes an invoice in printed format can benefit from this option by sending an express request to the contact address: contact@zappads.ro.
15. At the User's request, the commission will be refunded in cash, directly into the bank account from which the payment was made, or in accordance with the payment method used. If an Advertisement is deleted after it has been placed within the Service, the User is considered obligated to pay for the Services they benefited from until the moment of deleting the Advertisement from the Service. Also, in the case of payment made by SMS, the Service will deduct the commission charged by the SMS payment service provider for activating the Advertisement.

Using the ZappAds Balance service is based on the following rules:

1. After crediting the payment into the ZappAds account, the latter allocates to the User's ZappAds Wallet a number of units equal to the paid amount. This amount is constantly updated after each operation carried out by the User that leads to a change in the amount (reloading leads to an increase in the number of units in the ZappAds Wallet, and payment for the selected Paid Service results in a decrease in the number of units in the ZappAds Wallet);
2. The User can at any time request a refund of the funds paid into the ZappAds Wallet, in any amount that does not exceed the displayed balance, taking into account the payments and reloads made by the User. Such a request shall be sent by email (contact@zappads.ro) or in writing to ZappAds.
3. Refunding funds from the ZappAds Wallet can be done by transfer to the bank account from which the payment was made or in accordance with the payment method used for making the payment. The request for refunding funds from the ZappAds Wallet does not apply to bonus credits awarded to the Account as part of promotion campaigns, contests, discount points, and refund bonuses granted to Premium Packages in accordance with Annex no. 6 "Business and Premium Packages".
4. Bonus credits are offered based on a promotion regulation, have a validity period of 90 days from the moment of allocation, and will be used in accordance with the rules provided by this Regulation.
5. The User has full and exclusive freedom in using the amounts assigned to their own ZappAds Wallet for the entire duration of the Account services contract, provided that this Account is active;
6. The User must "credit" the ZappAds Wallet by depositing funds into the ZappAds account, in one of the currencies accepted by the service, in accordance with the information provided within the Service;
7. In the case of making payments to certain entities from the ZappAds Wallet, for a specific Paid Service, ZappAds will deduct the price due for providing the respective Paid Service, collecting the corresponding amount from the User's ZappAds Wallet (reducing the balance).