About Us

Zapp Ads is one of the newest free online classified platforms and the leading player in the sales market in the UK and US. Founded in 2021, with over 20 partners, we offer you the opportunity to promote your ad completely free, ensuring immediate visibility and results.

Through Zapp Ads, you can publish your ad anywhere in the UK and US, in major cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Manchester, Birmingham, and even in smaller towns. Add your ad to our website if you're interested in selling or renting one or more items/services in the following domains:

  • Cars, Motorcycles, Boats
  • Service Offers and Equipment
  • Agricultural Services and Products
  • Adoptions and Animal Sales
  • Hobbies and Leisure
  • Games, Toys, and Children's Products
  • Household Items and Tools
  • Laptops, Smartphones, and Appliances
  • Job Offers and Requests
  • Sales and Rentals of Real Estate
The Team Behind the Project

Behind our online classifieds platform is a team with extensive experience in the field, ready to provide you with any information you might need. Additionally, we offer our contact information here so you can get in touch with us if necessary.

Furthermore, our team follows a strategy based on partnership knowledge, aiming for a harmonious collaboration while also focusing on the interests and desires of each user of the site. This is precisely why, and because we are aware of how important it is for you to get immediate results, we ensure that your ad is optimized, containing keywords to appear on the first search pages.

As a Buyer

If you want to buy or rent products/services, with our help, you can do it quickly and efficiently. To convince you of this, we present just a few of the most important features of this platform:

Hundreds of new ads. Every day, on Zapp Ads, you have the opportunity to discover new ads posted by sellers. No matter what you want to buy or how difficult you think it is to find, with us, you'll be able to fulfill your desires!

Fair prices We know that you also want to pay a fair price for the service or goods you will acquire. Now, only with Zapp Ads, you can!

Safety and Transparency On our platform, online ads are accompanied by the seller's contact details, allowing you to get in touch with them and ensure that everything will go favorably.

Selling through Auction - The Perfect Opportunity

The platform offers you the opportunity to sell or rent not only products but also services from many domains, guaranteeing visibility, transparency, and professionalism. What's more, Zapp Ads comes with a new, original, and innovative concept, with which you can publish your ad with an auction.

As a seller, this choice has a significant advantage, but it's not the only one: you avoid negotiating with buyers who want to purchase. We know this can become annoying, especially if buyers are persistent. Therefore, through an auction, you won't have to deal with such inconveniences.

However, if you are on the other side and want to buy, an auction will give you the opportunity to save precious time. Thus, items auctioned will be sold on a well-established day, avoiding potential inconveniences. Especially if you intend to buy a property, which requires viewing it, with the help of an auction, you will significantly reduce your time.